12 Weeks Fitness + Fat Loss Coaching Online

This programme is great for you if you have a little experience with exercise and a lot of motivation to see results. Don’t try to be perfect, do try hard.

Results are not achieved through perfection but through consistency action over time. All my programmes will help you achieve the consistency and results you want.

I’ve designed Body Strong Programme to help you achieve some impressive fitness, fat loss and feel good results for yourself- and what is more I’ll also help you understand how to keep them for good.

Body Strong Programme uses a simple training and diet format that you have the flexibility to build into your own life however fits best. This is crucial for consistency and sustainability and I help all my clients with this bit.

What you can expect…

– Online individual and group coaching with me

– Typically around 8-14lbs fat loss in 12 weeks

– Exercise and nutrition plans

– Feel awesome

– Accountability

– Smile loads :0)

– Weekly checkins and voice note feedback

– Strong Community support

– 100% Support from me all the way

Got questions?

Book Your “Body Strong” call and I’ll talk you through how it works.

Love Benton x