Rachel Benton – Fitness, NLP & Growth Coach

I help driven women get body and mind strong for good.

I’ve been coaching since 2000 with the sole purpose of helping my clients live the fulfilled, happy and healthy lives they want to through fitness, NLP and personal growth coaching.

I’m a Master Fitness Trainer, NLP and Creating Future Change Coach™

I’m also a Demartini Method Facilitator™

I blend all these skills into my Strong Programmes to support, guide and push my clients to see and achieve their true potential.

…when I’m not coaching, I compete in body building shows, drum and am a bit of a badass :0)

Why work with me?

Most of my clients have reached a point in their lives where they are tired of living their lives how they think they should and not how they truly want to. They are craving change physically, mentally and emotionally and don’t know where to start.

I’m over 40 and I’ve personally lived through that too, I believe wholeheartedly that your best years are not over yet. I’m here to help you discover that.

I have helped thousands of Women transform their bodies and minds throughout my career.

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Love Benton :0)