12 Weeks Fitness + Growth Coaching Online

Have you ever lost weight and just gained it back?

Started and stopped exercise and diets more times than you can remember?


Do you lack confidence in making the decisions you’d secretly love to?

Crave change and acceptance but are scared of the impact it will have?

Or maybe

Feel as if you have lost your way a bit in life?

Don’t quite recognise yourself anymore?

This Fitness and Growth programme is a game changer for you.

Totally Strong Programme is how we get to the bottom of what’s been holding you back or de railing you each time you try to make the changes you want to. We look at what’s been going on and how you can handle and overcome it. We stop the overwhelm and break your personal fitness and lifestyle goals into achievable, realistic chunks.

Sound good?

Totally Strong Programme is about helping you achieve your fitness goals in unison with your lifestyle goals blending online fitness and nutrition coaching and 1:1 NLP Coaching.

This is my most in depth and detailed online and 1:1 programme that has already changed many lives of my clients.

I’m certain that not only will you look different but you’ll also feel like you’ve never felt before.

What you can expect…

– Online fitness and nutrition coaching with me

– 1:1 NLP lifestyle coaching with me

– Exercise and nutrition plans

– Personal Growth

– Weekly fitness and lifestyle tasking

– Personal clarity and vision

– Accountability

– Strong Room Community support

– Full access to me as your Personal Coach each week.

Questions? Not sure how this works?

Book Your “Totally Strong” call to help you get started.

Love Benton x