Weight loss and vegetables… 

They are an essential part of your 5 a day. 

Everyone knows they’re healthy, but most don’t realise just how extremely effective they are for fat loss. Here’s why…

1.) They are very low in calories and so perfect for creating that necessary caloric deficit. You’d have to eat 20 large bags of spinach, or 5 heads of broccoli, to equal the calories of just 1 cup of pasta or 1 tablespoon of butter. So, you absolutely do not have to go hungry on tiny portions when you load up on veggies. In fact, it’s almost impossible to eat too many.  so pile em high on your plate!



Take grilled vegetables and prawns, for example. This is a perfect combination of fibrous carbs with protein, which is exactly what you want later in the day. A large portion that fills up your entire plate has only around 250 calories. Compare it to a plate of processed carbs and high-fat foods. You only get to enjoy 1 REALLY small, thin slice of pizza for 250 calories and almost no nutritional value, and none of the energy or protein you need.

But when you focus on veggies you can eat a LOT more food, with less calories and a lot more nutritional value.

2.) Veggies are also high in fiber. This is both good for your digestion and fat loss because fiber expands in your stomach, making you feel full and satisfied. A bowl of spinach has 8 grams of fiber, about 1/3 of your daily requirement. Broccoli, green peas, and other green leafy vegetables are also good sources of fiber.


 3.) The third reason fibrous carbs are perfect for fat loss is because they have almost NO adverse affects on blood sugar levels. While it’s still a good idea to balance veggies out with a protein source, even eaten alone they’re okay because they don’t cause an increase in insulin production. Surges in insulin production are known to encourage the body to store fat so it is best to avoid foods that encourage this. 

4.) And finally, they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals and other very beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and phytonutrients, that will help you look and feel better, fight off disease, and improve your overall health.


The next time you are making your weekly shop don`t just put the usual green stuff in yout trolley, try something new that is a different colour, preferably a bright colour. Most supermarkets even chop and bag the vegetable for you nowadays so you just have to steam it or put it in the micro wave…it dosen`t get much easier than that!

Click here for a tasty veggie recipe..

Keep them crunchy and brightly coloured. 

Train hard, eat well

Rachel Benton

Personal Training, Bedford UK

[email protected]


Images by plantguide.org, botany.com & howstuffworks.com