Ok, so I am finally all sorted out with catching up on e mails, voice mails, clients, colleagues, friends and now onto the next stage of my website development.

My clients already can login to their own secure training page and find their periodised training programmes. Very soon a fully interactive page will be available to my clients that will allow them to log their progress, for example:

Workouts completed, Weight loss, Lean muscle gain, Body Fat % loss, Inches lost. This will be visual, bright and simple to use and follow.

My goal is to create an interactive hub for my clients that bridges the gap between our training sessions. Currently along side my clients secure training page, my clients can also keep an on-line food diary and within seconds have any nutritional question answered. This is an essential and useful part of improving our health and fitness lifestyles…think about it…do you know what you are really eating?

The fun part for me right now, is compiling an exercise bank that will give video clip demonstrations of all exercises that may be included in my clients exercise prescriptions. You will see a simple, clear and technically correct demonstration of every exercise in the bank and no doubt..the bank will keep growing as I strive to challenge my clients more and more.

Working with my clients to achieve goals and ambitions is a deep felt passion and way of  live for me, I am continually trying to think of new challenging and exciting ways to educate, clarify and motivate my clients training. I am excited by new projects in the next coming months and look forward to sharing them with you.

Good Training