My four-week Vibration Training user trial…

Here is what I did.

For 2 weeks I completed a 15 minute vibration training whole body workout 4-5`s a week with no other training included.

For the next 2 weeks I repeated the vibration training programme 2-3`s a week and included 3-4 mile runs at least 3-4`s a week with no other training included.

I took my BF%, weighed myself and took waist, hips,chest, biceps and thigh measurements.

Here are the changes:

  • BF% down 2%
  • Waist down 2cm
  • Hips down 2cm
  • Chest down 1cm
  • Bicep up 0.5cm

Unexpected changes…

  • My running speed increased with little or no real effort. My mile time improved by 1 min 30 secs.

My summary…

  • It is great tool in the right hands but is not a replacement to a full workout that includes every aspect of your fitness.
  • It provides an accelerated rate of training, delivering great resistance training/strength training results in a reduced time frame. So in short great all over body toning.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic drainage system which contributed as a great tool for injury rehabilitation, reducing injury site swelling significantly as well as post workout pain levels in injury site. Also contributed to me peeing like a race horse and an ulcerated mouth as the toxins left my body.
  • The benefits of increasing bone density, circulation are the same as with all exercise, resistance training in particular but are worth mentioning.
  • It promoted greater flexibility in muscle groups that had shown previously less change.
  • It added a welcome variety to clients and my training, which they were happy to incorporate further after seeing further results.
  • As with most home training equipment it is probably not worth a big investment as you will likely get bored, consider a rental model instead.

It is worth building in to your workouts but unless attention to diet and appropriate levels of cardio vascular exercise are included, true weight loss is not likely to be achieved.

I am a fan and will be using it as part of my current clients training and new clients on request.

Rachel Benton & Associates

Personal Training, Bedfordshire