I am increasingly being asked to lead triathlete specific base training sessions that incorporate core strength training as well as discipline specific speed and agility training. I am having a great time leading these sessions to individual triathlete clubs and groups of seriously dedicated triathletes. As I work with the groups, I learn more and more about the specific needs of triathletes and where the loop holes are within their training.

Whilst I incorporate some swim specific drills within my sessions, I seldom delve deeply into the realm of swimming coaching as I not a swimming coach.  I came across this bi lateral breathing link whilst researching imbalances that may occur within a triathletes body, to simply explain a swimmer will typically favour one side of their body to breath in on when performing freestyle/front crawl. The action of taking a breath and rotating the body repeatedly on one and the same side can lead to an imbalance in upper body muscular developement which could affect overall swim performance negatively as well as potentially hindering the bike and run legs of a triathlon.

Training to breath bilaterally (on both sides) will overtime work to re balance any imbalanced upper body musculatures.


Most triathletes are looking to shave off precious minutes and seconds from their race time as well as manage to get through several months of a punishing training schedule. This link below offered me some basic and insightful information on training for the swim leg of your triathlon.

Click here for your bilateral breathing link..

Train Hard!

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