Hi all,

Our clients are doing an awesome job achieving their weight loss goals and the reality of sustainable weight loss and improving your general health and fitness is has one key ingredient “sustainability”.

Find a fitness and eating plan that intrigues you and interests you to sustain it. A good trainer will help you find the best plan for you as opposed to “insisting” you do it their way…this will never work unless you totally buy into it.

Our Bedford personal trainers asked their clients what “top tips” they had to help them lose weight and here is what they came up with: 

  • “Don’t cut out all the food you enjoy. I like the occasional takeaway, but now I save up calories to have one or earn it. If I restricted myself to just fruit and veg I’d give up very quickly. I also found that I could still eat my favourite foods if I ‘tweak’ them a bit: low fat cheese, low fat spread instead of butter, light mozzarella etc. Also the best thing I did was get olive oil spray!”
  • “Write everything down. Even (or especially) on bad/splurge days. It’s only if you write things down that you know what you are doing. I’m not saying don’t have the Peking Duck. I am saying, at least know what having the Peking Duck means. There are some great aps for this “myfitnesspal”  OR “caloriecount” on iphone or blackberry allows you to log your food and exercise very easily.”
  • “I find sticking a wedding invitation or holiday photograph of destinations I want to visit in a prominent place in the kitchen. This is a bit more subtle than a fat photograph of yourself and reminds you when you are tempted.”
  • “Use scales in the kitchen – it’s amazing how easy it is to deceive oneself!”
  • “I think it is a good idea to buy some new clothes when you are down a size or two. That way, you are reminded of what you have achieved and not to go back to old sizes. Chuck out the old stuff or give it away. “
  • “Life is too short so build in treats! Ok my weight loss is nice and slow but I don’t feel like I am on a diet or that I am depriving myself of anything (including chocolate and cheese. Lol!!!)”
  • “Be honest with yourself. Ok, if you go over the required cals, but keep a record, it’s the average calorie intake that matters.”
  • “It is not rocket science, but I am convinced that exercising is the key to success with sustained weight loss. I try to vary my routine, including the cross trainer and walking regularly, and cycling and swimming occasionally.”
  • “Always measure alcohol consumed at home carefully, as it is easy to fool yourself.”
  • “Don’t ever give up! You are going to get bad days/weeks; it happens! Just get straight back on it and limit the damage.”

So we hope that helps you all, it is working for our clients who are managing to fit in regular exercise and great nutrition their way..into their lives.

Let us know what is working for you too..

Rachel, Amy, Bek & John

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