Some of you may be aware that myself and my partner have been following the Palaeo lifestyle.

We have been following it now for around 2 months and adhere to it around 70-80% of the time. Put very simply, the Palaeo lifestyle follows a high protein, high fat diet that is not calorie controlled and encourages plenty of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and eliminates processed foods, grains, and refined sugar.

I am going to write about the Palaeo lifestyle in more detail soon but first I wanted to explain why high protein, high fat diets/lifestyles are effective for the people who choose to follow them. It starts with PYY…

What exactly is “PYY” and how does it tame your appetite and cravings?

Well, PYY is a hormone in your body called Peptide YY. PYY is an important hormone that controls your appetite and signals you to stop eating. PYY has also been shown to increase your leptin sensitivity, which is a good thing. You may not know that leptin is an important hormone that keeps your metabolism humming in high gear!

So how do we increase PYY so that we can control our appetite best when considering the quantity of calories we’ve ingested?

The answer is… proteins and fats increase PYY in your body to a great extent. Carbohydrates do almost nothing for PYY. Therefore, if you eat a nice hearty protein and healthy fat rich breakfast such as whole eggs, veggies, healthy protein, and avocado, you’ll increase your PYY and control your appetite for the rest of the day so well, that you’ll easily control your caloric intake without much effort.

However, if you eat the typical breakfast of cereals, muffins, toast, bagels, orange juice, and sugar-loaded coffees… your appetite the rest of the day is going to be ravenous and very hard to control as you’ve done nothing to stimulate appetite-killing PYY in your body.

I hope information helps explain why some of us health and fitness professionals are switching to high protein and high fat eating plans and lifestyles. You may have noticed that now WeightWatchers are giving carbohydrates greater points in their new system…they are falling in line with this way of thinking also.

To summarise eating protein and healthy fats, control appetite and maximize your good hormones, and give you stable energy… on the other hand, typical carb-dominated breakfasts (the typical american breakfast) don`t help ability to control your appetite and also keep you on a wild blood sugar ride all morning… not good!

The Atkins diet and Dukan Diet are similar in their approach to protein and fat but not completely the same in lifestyle philosophy.

I have never insisted that my clients adopt my chosen eating plan, I still stand firm that the best eating plan for weight and fat loss is the one that fits into your life and lifestyle the best. I simply wanted to explain some of the science and why I choose to follow this lifestyle.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog all about the Palaeo lifestyle, and see you soon!


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