“the regenerator”..yoga1

Is an hour long session which I have carefully devised to blend Yoga, Pilates and Relaxation. “Whats the big deal about that, those classes are ten a penny at the moment?” You may be thinking. 

Well, yes there are plenty of yoga and pilates style fusion classes around and although some of the more purist fitnesss professional cynics may “poo poo” the notion of a yoga/pilates blend, these classes are seriously worth considering and heres why.

Exercise classes so frequently take the “monkey see monkey do” approach which has a very valid place within group fitness as people participate in group fitness classes for a multitude of wide ranging reasons. I have quite deliberately taken a different approach to how I deliver “the regenerator”. The emphasis is on the participant learning about their body from an almost intrespective point of view as apposed to attemting to copy a variety of poses with no real understanding of the physical benefits or how they, the individual could adapt the pose for greater personal benefit. For example, rather than someone trying to make the shape look like the shape I`m making, perhaps reflect on how making the shape feels in their body; Where is there tension? Where is the stretch sensation? How does the left side of my body feel compared to my right side now that we have finished the stretch?

Of course my experience,  knowledge and expertise provide the safe class structure and content, my role is then to facilitate and guide you along your individual learning path about your body. This style of session is naturally very inclusive, anyone can attend no matter how old, how experienced, how injured or not as the case may be. I hope that through learning where your natural strengths and weaknesses are in your body you may become more aware of them and in so doing begin to correct them maybe without even realising it.

In brief you can take it that “the regenerator” will:

  • improve your postural awareness
  • strengthen your core muscles deep within the trunk of your body
  • greatly improve your general flexibility, in particular that of your hamstrings
  • increased mobility of your spine on all planes 
  • work to achieve a balanced function of all major muscle groups
  • finally allow the body (not your concious self) to remember all this through rest and relaxation  

If you haven`t found this blog through my website and want to know more about “the regenerator”  and me go to www.rachelbenton.co.uk

Have a look at this…no excuses now for sun salutations in the morning!


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