The new PT @ HOME Experience,  available to you from January 2010. 

I have been working closely with  a select group of Associate Trainers to bring this fun and unique home training experience to you. It is important to me that your PT @ HOME Experience is challenging, fun and rewarding and that overtime you are able to clearly see the results you want. You can be sure that your Associate Trainer has been selected to take your fitness and nutrition seriously. 

A thorough expert  fitness, nutrition and lifestyle change workout session is guaranteed. 

Your Associate Trainer will work with you to achieve all your, fitness, weight loss, personal and lifestyle goals so that you can confidently build exercise, fitness and a healthy approach to what you eat into your life forever. 


  • The new PT @ HOME Experience will deliver a 60 minute training session to your home, garden and/or surrounding area with equipment, motivation, support, hard work, guidance and of course fun.


  • The new PT @HOME Experience will use the most up to date fitness and training methods and techniques to ensure a safe, stimulating and effective session as many times a week as you can handle!


  • The new PT @HOME Experience is available in Bedford and Bedfordshire.  

Cost:    £35.00 per hour

Buy 5 have 1 free (block booked):       £28.00 per hour

Buy 10 have 2 free (block booked):    £28.00 per hour  

  • The new PT @HOME Experience will open your eyes to exercise and fitness and how it can become a part of your life forever. 

Need to know more and be reassured…?

  Rachel Benton

 &  Associates 

Personal Training 

[email protected]