Heard of the Fast Diet?
It uses Intermittent Fasting…what is that?
Well alot of people are talking about it (been around for ages) and essentially means you fast by eating around 500kcals for 2 days a week and then eat normally for the remaining 5 days a week. I have witnessed people lose weight successfully (cannot comment on sustainably) whilst following the Fast Diet and it seems logical that a restriction in calories for two days in a week will deliver weight loss as well as limit the possibility of your weightloss ever stalling.
Once apon a time we said “don’t ever skip a meal as your metabolism will slow” but now we say “sure skip a meal in fact  skip a couple” because the action of doing so will stop your metabolic rate from dropping in response to your reduced calories.
BUT what about the claims of increased lifespan and reduction in the possibility of developing cancer?
Keep open minded and read on to make up your own mind about the latter claims and understand more about why the former claims are now valuable practices.
Rachel Benton
East Wing Fitness Studio
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