Sunday Shred

….half day FATBURNER   12pm-5pm

at East Wing Fitness Studio, Bedford Rd, Bedford, MK42 8AH

9th November 12pm-5pm

23rd November 12pm-5pm

7th December 12pm-5pm

Find Your Strong

Sunday Shred is an amazing half day of fitness and fatloss sessions specifically designed to get your metabolism working extra hard for the next 72 hours and boost your current training programme so that you can reach your fitness and fatloss shape change goals for sure.

  • Brides! Sweating for the Wedding?
  • Want a new fitness challenge?
  • Want to make a big impact towards achieving your goals?
  • Feel like you have hit a fitness plateau?
  • Want to feel motivated and on a fitness high?
  • Do you enjoy new fitness sessions?
  • Want to try some sessions that will really make some big fitness and fatloss changes?

This is for you!

A standard 60 minute 1:1 Personal Training session will cost you around £40-£50 with a decent PT….Sunday Shred gives you a full afternoon of expert fitness instruction with me Rachel (a Master Personal Trainer since 2002 ) and my instructors for the same price.

** £40 per person BUT BOOK TODAY FOR £35 !!! **

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What is included?

  • Sessions run in our private studio between 12pm and 5pm
  • There will be no more than 10 people in your Sunday Shred
  • You will have a full afternoon of expert lead fitness sessions
  • Sessions are scheduled to allow safe muscle recovery and maximum benefit over the shred
  • You`ll burn around 2000-3000kcals in a Sunday Shred
  • There will be breaks, you`ll need to bring spare workout clothes drinks and recovery snacks
  • You will experience the most up to date and effective fitness and fatloss training methods
  • Sessions include kettlebells, boxing, outdoor Bootcamp fitness, HIIT sessions, core and abdominal work as well as deep stretching

Spaces are limited…email me now     [email protected]      to book on or call    07879614730    to reserve your place  :0)

Hear from you soon,