The Strong Room is my VIP Members Area.

Anyone can join my strong community and have access to my expertise, fitness and growth coaching, top tips and tools.

The Strong Room gives you access to my weekly live strong team group workouts, strong studio of real time workouts, strong kitchen of recipes, strong wall or gratitude and strong client motivational and inspirational facebook group.

Joining the Strong Room helps you find the time and space to evolve and grow physically, mentally and emotionally in what ever way you need.

Once you are a member you become a part of my Strong community and can use this room and other resources any time you like to find and share inspiration, clarity, gratitude and guidance on who you truly are and how you’d love to live your life.

– Weekly live Strong team quickie workouts

– Strong Studio of real time workouts

– Strong Kitchen of healthy eats

– Strong Wall of gratitude and inspiration

– Strong team private facebook group

– Strong Community support

£99 per year 

(£8.99 per month)

Let’s make a start,

Love Benton x