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Spring has finally arrived and Summer is just around the corner…its time to make your “change 4 life” by making one or more of  these small weekly changes. It takes most people around three months before they start to see and feel significant benefits from including regular exercise and activities into their lifestyles. Thats not long to make a big investment in improving your health and fitness.

 You could start by making these small changes for over the three months leading up to Summer… 

  • Make one less small car run a day a week.
  • Make and take a healthier well planned lunch every day.
  • Take one more 30 minute walk with your friends and family. 
  • Spend one less evening in the pub a week.
  • Take the stairs atleast once a day.
  • Order one less take away dinner.
  • Buy what you need not what you fancy in the supermarkets and newsagents.

 Get in touch with me to find out more about how you can get more active and make a really positive change as part of group training, with a partner or solo training.

To help you start making a positive change to your lifestyle I`m offering you these Spring/Summer 09 deals on training sessions:

  • DOUBLE UP…train with a partner    £20.00 per person per hour

              Find someone to train with and have twice the fun at half the price. These shared sessions are a surprisingly fun and effective way to get you and your training partner working hard towards achieving both of your goals. You`ll have not only my support and motivation but your training partners encouragement too. 

  • ONE 2 ONE…have 2 FREE    £33.33 per hour normally £40.00

              Buy 10 training sessions and have 2 FREE on me. Use one training session a week with me and you`ll have a good 3 month block of training to get you well on the way to achieving your goals, in some cases totally achieving your goals. There is no where to hide in a one 2 one training session but you can be sure of a safe, professional, fun training experience.

The next step is to arrange a free consultation with me so we can talk more.

Happy Easter