Hi all,

There is a little gem of place to grab a coffee or lunch in Bedford “Roosters” on St Cuthberts St.

If like me you are wary of grabbing a sandwich in a cafe for fear of it being heavilly laden with butter, mayonaise, too much bread and not enough filling (the list goes on) you may have walked past Roosters and not stepped in….I urge you to take the plunge into Roosters and sample some of their wonderful deli style sandwiches.


I am also excited to working with Roosters to help busy Bedford folk make a healthy and nutritious lunch choice! Each month you`ll see a new healthy fitness package that will come with nutritional advice and exercise tips…so you’ll learn whats hot about your special lunch…and if you are interested what you`ll have to do to work it off!

From this Monday 6th August you can buy our healthy nutritious fitness package, just check out our board as you walk in to see what we recommend this month.

Our August Fitness Package is:

Chicken Ceasar Salad Wrap

Fruit Salad

& a Green Tea

All for an amazing £4.00

You can call or email your order and they will deliver so you don’t even have to leave the office (although we think you should take the lunchtime walk). www.roostersbedford.co.uk

Dosen`t that sound like a good deal?

It  gets even better, if you are currently a client or are attending one of our group fitness sessions we`ll be emailing so you`ll get a tasty 10% discount on your fitness package or any delicious treat you buy in Roosters. Just print the email and take it in to claim your 10% off.

If you want to know more about what we are offering people of Bedford for fitness this year…check us out.


We have Bootcamps, 1:1 training, yoga, pilates, vibration training and so much more!

All for now


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