Are you on Facebook?

It has been a while since I have posted anything here, why? Well the first six months of this year have been some of the busiest I have ever experienced as PT. I have met and trained some of the most interesting, inspiring, challenging and committed people. I have had my eyes truly opened as to why people really contact Personal Trainers and how privileged I am to play a part in the corner that clients so often turn whilst training with me. Thanks.

I have also been having quite a lot of fun connecting with people on my Facebook fan page.

Around about a month ago I created a fan page on Facebook for Rachel Benton & Associates Personal Training…and the number of people to like us is growing!

We would like you to like us some more! 

The page has and is a great place for all my clients and anyone interested for that matter to connect, communicate and share about their training experiences with and without me…you are all welcome to share as well so come on board!

To join us on Facebook click here..

Myself and my Associate Trainers are working hard to bring fitness in all its forms to you…so spread the word.