• My clients have lost between 8-25lbs in 6-12 wks
  • Dropped one or more dress sizes becoming leaner
  • Regained physical and mental confidence
  • Improved their fitness and felt amazing

My Online Coaching Programmes are a way for you to work with me online as your coach to become fitter, leaner, lose weight and transform how you feel about yourself inside and out.

Online Coaching is different from face to face Personal Training in that I don't physically train you – I coach you through your fitness programme and nutrition by email, Skype, Face time or phone. So you have the freedom to workout at a time that works for you either at home or at the gym, saving time and giving you more time flexibility and allowing you to be guided through your gym workouts with a specific plan for you to follow.


  • After you have completed your initial health and pre screening paperwork, I write and send your fitness programmes along with your nutritional guidance which I personally adjust for you throughout.
  • Your programmes come with video clips of all exercises prescribed so you are clear – but you can always ask.
  • You have access to a private and closed Facebook Group – in which online clients share ideas, connect and motivate each other…this is a huge support for all online clients.
  • You have access to me with essential weekly progress updates and throughout the week.
  • To help us track your progress, your weight and measurements are required pre programme and at intervals throughout.
  • I do also request before pictures pre programme as part of your updates at intervals though out.
  • Places are limited so I can be thorough with feedback and adjustments.
  • You do have to be motivated enough to plan your shopping, meals and when you will train.
  • All programmes are written for either the gym or for home training. If home training you`ll need some basic equipment which I can advise further on, for example as a minimum: Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Bench, Ball, Mat.


  • Weekly Checkins
  • Full access to me
  • 3 exercise programmes (wk1, wk5, wk9)
  • Fatloss nutritional guidance, eating templates and advice on food tracking
  • Access to closed Facebook Group

Online Coaching in not for everyone. You do need to have access to a gym or basic gym equipment, an Accu Reader for Body Fat measurements and be motivated enough to complete weekly workouts and be ready to be organised with food planning and preparing.
6 week Shred: £95
12 week Programme: £300


24 weeks

Total Losses 17 lbs / 19.5 inches

12 weeks

Total Losses 22 lbs / 55 cms

12 weeks

Total Losses 15 lbs / 16 ins

12 weeks

Total Losses 9.7 lbs

8 weeks

Total Losses 20 lbs

12 weeks

Total Losses 19 lbs