OK. I am still right behind the claims that the vibration training industry make. I would like to share my professional experiences from a very well known vibration training course provider today. Question1 to Training Instructor:..”Who owns the Vibration Trading trademark” answer: All manufacturers offer their own training but only ours comes with REP`S points. Hmmn that didn`t answer it. Question 2: “Is there a regulating body for vibration training instructors?” answer: All manufacturers offer training for their units”. Did that answer it..? Question 3: “Are acceleration training and vibration training the same thing?” answer: Yes. Hmmn, Power Plate own the trademark for acceleration training over vibration training (which no one appears to own) and of course claim it is different. There is no regulating body as of yet for vibration training. I am glad I did not pay for this course and have carried out my own research first. Are vibration platforms effective YES, are the Training course Instructors effective…possibly not.