Bedford and Ampthill Fitness and Fatloss Bootcamps

Our Bootcamps use a specific training method that will fire up your metabolism for 24 hours, and that means a hard, lean, strong and fit body that you can be confident about this Spring and Summer. Our sessions are made for all fitness levels…so don`t be afraid :0)

Don`t forget we will push you to work hard in our fitness sessions but we won`t bully or humiliate you. We want you to feel great after our workouts!

Think about it….if you keep come along twice or even three times a week that is a lot of extra opportunity for your body to lose some inches and shred some fat unwanted fat from your belly, butt and thighs.

You`ll get out what you put in with our workouts so what do you think? We have seen some impressive results already this year and we`d really like to show you how we do it….so that you can keep doing it on your own as well as with a little bit of our help.

Give us a call so we can book you in…

We can`t wait to get started again…

Rachel & Team

t: 07879 614 730

e: [email protected]