If you feel like your pants are a little too tight after your Christmas and New Year exesses this article might be of interest to you. Fret not..on average Jo Bloggs gains around 5-7lbs of Christmas weight over the festive period which we can safely attribute to an over indulgence in food and drink that we would not normally consume.

Usually once we resume our standard day to day activities and mealtime behaviour any Christmas and New Year weight gain is slowly lost and we return to our pre holiday weight.

If  however your pre holiday weight was not what you wanted it to be….I can definitely help you!

Remember, safe steady weight loss is about:

  • sensible, correct and consistent training 20% of your total time
  • and paying close attention to a well balanced and healthy diet 80% of your total time.

Please see the Calorie Count link on my Home Page. Its free to become a member and is a suprisingly easy way to keep your own on line food diary. Have a look…its a real eye opener! 

Good Luck

Rachel Benton