As I have been running around and about this Summer I have noticed the usual glut of berries including blackberries. I love them, they hold so many childhood memories for me, picking them from the garden, eating too many of them whilst picking them and then suffering the consequences for eating too many of them! Mostly I remember Mums blackberry crumble after Sunday lunch…it was a knockout.

Of course all berries now have the label of being a superfood with astonishing powers that mystically improve your health over night! I guess you know what I think about superfoods so I`ll stop the rant but a blackberry is not just a phone, it was and is a fruit first and thus contains vitamin C aswell as plenty of natural fruit sugars that are far better energy giving sugars than those found in chocolate.

You may be after a lighter low fat pud that still has that sweet and tart berry flavour, blackberry sorbet may be just the ticket. It is refreshing and light and you feel surprisingly like you have had desert afterwards.

I don`t think this is a sacrifice, give it a try!


Click me to see… Blackberry Sorbet Recipe