Hi guys,

I may be repeating myself again but I`d like to remind everyone that one of the most important keys to successful weight loss and achieving all round fitness is….the frequency of your training. Instructors will often talk about Time, Intensity, Duration and Frequency of training, all are important but frequency is in my opinion by far the easiest to achieve and important to maintain.

Lunchtime walks, evening after dinner walks or early morning dog walks (a favourite of mine right now as we are about to gain a four-legged friend to the household) are all easy and fun ways to build in your extra weekly activities that over time will serve you well. Remember we want to stay fit for life and so a long-term view is always helpful alongside our short-term goals.

It isn`t just about day-to-day activities though, the real fitness gains and viual results come with a serious approach to the tougher workouts you give yourself and how often you do them. The best rule of thumb is:

2-3 x resistance/strength/toning workouts per week

3-5 x cardio vascular/aerobic/hot and sweaty out of breath workouts per week  

Don`t miss them out…do them and do them so that you can honestly be proud of your self for getting through it afterwards.

Your body will gradually begining to understand that you are going to be doing this all the time and so it has no need to panic, it can relax and give up the excesses that your body is holding on to as well as learning to help you through your workout more efficiently.

Give it a go be patient and watch as your body begins to look and feel different.

Try this superset 2-3`s a week as well as 30 minutes of cardio vascular exercise(swimming, brisk walking, cycling) 3-5`s a week.

Repeat each exercise for 1 minute in the order below:




Legs: 1. Squats 2. Lunges 3. High step ups 4. Wall sit

Upper body: 1.Tricep dips 2. Bicep curls 3. Press ups 4. Lateral raises 

Abdominals: 1. Crunches 2. Plank 3. Reverse curls 4. Bicycle crunches

Good luck and enjoy

Rachel (and “Brody” our new four-legged friend)

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