I am literally about to jump on a plane and head off to Minneapolis (USA) for two weeks… and I can`t wait. I have joined a local gym Stateside and will be having a good delve into how the fitness industry works out there, so you can expect a blog about that when I return. I have been training myself a little bit harder than normal in the last few weeks and also have been extra busy working with my clients, it has been a great fun and rewarding time professionally…but I am exhausted!

To finish off my training job on me, I booked myself into a local salon “Beauty of Bedford” for a manicure and pedicure as a treat after all the training I`ve been doing…what a wonderful find! I received a friendly  and warm welcome and could see this was a professionally run salon that I will definitely be going back too.

I have been to many beauty rooms and had many treatments and have all too often felt on display, pushed around and not relaxed as I have been worried about the outcome of the treatment I have been about to have. On this occasion I didn`t feel any of this at all. I suppose going to a beauty room is a bit like going out for dinner, you will go back if the food is good, the decor inviting, the prices right and the service attentive but un obtrusive. On the flip side, even if the food is outstanding  it is unlikely that you will go back if the waiter hassles you from start to finish then throws your bill at you whilst seating the next diners! Expect to be looked after by two expert therapists who care.

Keep an eye out for “Beauty of Bedford” when it moves to larger premises on the High St.

Thanks Maria and Selina for making a great start to my holiday.