Do you want a Lunchtime Quickie Workout?

Consider this..getting up at the crack of dawn to pound the pavement or hit the gym before work is enough to make most peoples blood run cold..there are times when I can easily put my hand up to this! Only a few days ago one of my clients asked me when the best time to workout was and honestly the best time, is the time that suits you be that first thing in the morning, lunchtime or after work. Most of us however have a lot of personal and professional commitments with work, family and friends that mean our time is precious to us and so we have to find ways of really making the most of it.

For those of you that have some gym training experience this workout clip is a great example of how you could really maximise your lunchtime workout time in a totally effective way. Your workout positives would be that you are strengthening and toning the majority of your muscles whilst achieving an immediate and very healthy calorie burn, plus post workout a slightly elevated heart rate that will continue to keep working for you for at least the next hour after your workout.

 30 Minute Lunchtime Quickie Workout:

Complete your whole body warm up and stretches as usual.

  • All the exercises in the clip could be performed for 1 minute each in the order on the clip.Then repeat set through once again from start to finish. This would take around 20 minutes.
  • Complete this with 10 minutes of intervals on the X trainer. Set your level and pace so you are comfortable for 1 minute then increase your speed for 1 minute. Repeat this cycle until you have completed 10 minutes. Approximate total calories expended: 200-250 kcal.

You could of course extend this workout over 45 or 60 minutes by increasing the number of times you complete the initial sequence of exercises to 3-4`s through in total. You could then extend the duration of your intervals to 20-30 minutes…not for the faint hearted though. Approximate total calories expended: 400-500 kcals.  

Complete your usual cool down and stretches afterwards.

NB: Remember the intensity of your intervals is key here, you should feel challenged but not like you are going puke! 

Click here for your Lunchtime Quickie Workout

Give this a go and let me know how you get on…I`d love your feedback.

Happy Training!

Rachel Benton

Personal Training

[email protected]