Achieving fat loss has numerous nutritional misconceptions that hold many people back from making real levels of progress and staying focused and committed long-term.

The biggest misconception is probably one that many wouldn’t think of… so what is the biggest nutritional misconception around? It’s this…

That ‘EATING Clean’ or ‘EATING For Fat Loss’ requires a person to eat like a rabbit and eat meals and snacks that are bland and tasteless.

Think about it… we all like to eat tasty foods… foods that have flavors pleasing to our pallet. Now… many people will tell you that you should eat to live and not live to eat. I totally agree with this statement but at the same time I truly believe the food is a pleasure we should all enjoy and we should be able to experience new tastes, flavors and dishes.

SO Where Does This Misconception Come From?
Well in large part it comes from the physique world and us personal trainers. You see physique competitors (bodybuilders, fitness models, etc) will all diet down in a very strict manner leading into a competition… and unfortunately many trainers will use this same approach with their clients who are seeking fat loss results… having them live off minimal calories and eating skinless chicken breasts and asparagus… Doesn’t sound too appetising does it?

Nor is this way of eating going to be one that results in one having adequate energy levels to train and function properly throughout the day… nor will it lead to long term results as eating in this way cannot be maintained long term and therefore any results-progress that is made will be lost once the “diet” is lost.

Also… reducing calories as severely as this is not a good idea and may well hinder fat loss… and certainly it will hinder health. You see your body is not only seeking calories, but it is also, and more importantly, seeking nutrients… and it can only receive those nutrients from the calories and the source of calories you consume.

Obviously you can supplement for these nutrients, as physique competitors will do, during a ‘diet’ phase like this, but I encourage you not to rely on supplements for all your nutrient needs and not to engage in a nutritional program-plan that forces you to live off minimal food choices and calories.

Eating Clean and Tasty Meals and Snacks
When it comes to eating meals and snacks that are clean and tasty you will have to spend a little bit more time in prepping your dishes and a little bit of time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipe ideas and flavors.

You have to put the time in… Otherwise you will end up eating bland tasteless food. Look on the Internet and you’ll be surprised at some of the tasty treats you can still enjoy whilst focusing on loosing body fat.

Now of course… you cannot be out eating take aways each and every day, but you can still enjoy these items ‘sparingly’. You have to make lifestyle changes that are going to be permanent and engage in activities and nutritional practices that are also going to be permanent. If these are permanent… results will be permanent and I think that is what we all want… RESULTS THAT LAST!

My suggestion to you is to make small dietary changes at first and proceed from there. Please do not diet in the sense of calorie and food group restriction. This will only set you up to fail… or be more likely to fail at least, and battle with food cravings and temptation all the time.

Spend the time in educating yourself and experimenting in the kitchen and start creating dishes for meals and snacks that you will personally enjoy.

I hope you found this tad bit of information informative and that it will encourage you to step away from dieting and severe calorie restriction… and bland foods and allow yourself to start enjoying food again as you continue to make progress. Trust me… it’s a lot easier to make progress when you are not constantly battling those food cravings and temptations we all encounter!

Eat well

Rachel Benton

Personal Trainer, Bedford UK

[email protected]