Does muscle weigh more than fat?

One pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as one pound of fat, it is their mass and density that varies. Think about a rasher of bacon with fat and rind on, the fat has a very different consistency to that of the bacon rasher right? The other truth is that a pound of bacon fat will be greater in appearance than a pound of the actual bacon rasher.


This is the same for us too.

Most people will come to me prior to training and say that they want to “tone up” or get rid of the “wobbly bits” as well as lose weight. The wobbly bits they are referring to are made up mostly of body fat and it is that,  that they want to reduce or remove. The losing weight (according to the scales) bit can be achieved along side this generally… as the body loses excess fat there will gradually be less of you and you will then begin to weigh less. Eventually there will reach a point when if you are a regular weight trainer your lean muscle mass will be greater than your body fat mass. This should be a good thing though as at this point all “wobbly bits” will have just about gone!

It is this point though when people are often disappointed as their weight loss progress (on the scales) can sometimes slow or even stop, yet dress sizes will often continue to go down.

It is worth remembering in all cases that we don`t really have an idea of how much each of us weighs just from looking. We do not wear our weekly weigh in number around our necks! 

Sometimes slow weight loss” can occur initially and these results can be a very big demotivator for clients often causing them to throw in the towel early on in training. There is a very specific reason for slow initial weight loss.

This article by John P Hussman, Ph. D  demystifies some of the initial training pit falls and myths surrounding weight loss and body fat reduction. I would recommend any one involved in some kind of training gives it a read.

“You do change from the inside out” 

Body Fat % reduction can always be achieved through regular cardio vascular training, resistance /weight training and close attention to actual good nutrition. Any good personal trainer should be able to put strategies in place for you to be able to achieve this and I know from experience that with time and dedication success will be imminent.

Train hard, eat well

Rachel Benton

Personal Training, Bedford UK

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