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The debate about core stability and core strength training is ongoing and controversial amongst fitness professionals and therapists both physical and manual. Core Stability has been likened to “Super Foods” by some, as just another unecessary commercially driven product to further enable eager punters to part with their cash.

Where could the possible benefits of lying semi supine and attempting to engage your core muscles be for a triathlete who is active in every other position than that? There may be some truth initially in this statement but once the basics of core stability training have been learned (perhaps whilst lying semi supine) the skills must transition somehow to any athletes specific event training in order for them to become of any use within the event. This can be achieved through intergrating basic core stability training with accurate sports specific event training.

The following link demonstrates a fantastic example of sports specific exercises that combine good sound core stability training as well as highlighting many of the well founded benefits.  

The programme is structured well and allows perfectly for progressions and adaptations and so is also ideal for anyone to try, who is already participating in some kind of exercise regime.

  Core Strength Training