Do you know how you can help your body burn more fat by changing what you eat?

We are big fans of early morning workouts and we are now saying it is preferable to do them on an empty stomach that encourage your body to use its fat stores for energy. We didn`t used to say this but we are now as there is growing evidence to support the fat loss benefits of training this way. Our Bedford Bootcamps are especially designed to help you do this by using High Intensity Interval Training and metabolic training methods and that is also the reason why they are at 6am on a Tues and Thurs and 7.30am on a Sun.

I’ve been talking   about your body’s #1 fat-burning hormone, leptin recently and how you
can actually use certain “cheat” foods to boost leptin levels and accelerate fat-burning in your body.

But, what you may NOT know is that raising your leptin levels may be completely WORTHLESS unless you also take steps to improve your sensitivity to leptin.

You see, many people are actually quite insensitive to leptin due to years of high body fat levels and diets full of processed foods. This essentially makes your body unresponsive to leptin, even at high levels…like a car with a full tank of gas and a broken starter.

That said, you can get on the path to heightened leptin sensitivity simply by eating more of this one specific type of food. Knowing that a large consumption of processed foods is one of the main contributors to leptin resistance, you can immediately begin repairing your leptin receptors as soon as today by following this one simple rule:
Apart from cheat days, strive to eat only one-ingredient foods. What do I mean by one-ingredient foods? Simple. A one-ingredient food is a food whose only ingredient is that food:





Green Beans









Black Beans






Other foods that fall in to this category? Pretty much any meat, vegetable, nut, seed,oil, beans, or fruit. Unlike pre-packaged processed foods with a laundry list of artificial ingredients and food additives that you can’t even pronounce, all of these foods are whole, natural foods that only contain one ingredient.

And when you begin consuming a diet full of these types of foods–without all the junk–you’ll immediately begin to repair your leptin sensitivity and make leptin even more effective at signaling fat burning to your body.

You can make these changes right now and along side some professional expert training you`ll soon see some results.

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