Hi everyone,

Our first Bedford Bootcamp is over and we have had a blast along the way…insect bites, very interesting night before litter, people asleep on benches, people coming home from the night before, dogs joining in… it has all happened and all been amazing.

Amy and I have loved every second of it and we meant it when we said we have been inspired by your committment, determination and fearless hard work. You have made each and every early start well and truly worth it. :0)

The average weight loss from the attendees who stuck to the home training plans and nutritional advice was 7lbs over 6 weeks which we think is just perfect as the safe recommended amount to lose a week is between 0.5 and 2 lbs a week.

So really well done all of you.  

Just wanted to share with you a testimonial from one of our hardest working twice a week Bootcampers:

” Bitten by the Bedford Bootcamp Bug!

The journey is as important as the end result and the Bedford Bootcamp journey with Rachel and Amy was fast, fun, furious and effective. I lost half a stone and totally recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for your motivational flapjacks too “

Carol C, Bedford 

We are planning a second Bedford Bootcamp in September, which we hope will be even better than the last one and with more dates too.

Look out for us in the Times and Citizen next week as there will be a cut out special offer for you to keep and use for our September Bootcamp. Hope to see you all there again as well as see some new faces too!


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