Hi Everyone, 

Just want to tell you about our new Bootcamp sessions. We are really excited about starting them! 

You will see from the site www.rachelbenton.co.uk that we plan to start a course on the first Tuesday in June for 6 weeks, which is a great amount of time to get in shape for the Summer months! We think with real commitment this package will get you in shape in 6 weeks no problem. 

The sessions are for men and women above the age of 18 and will involve outdoor military style training methods incorporating the ViPR and TRX training systems as well as high energy training drills and kettlebell training for fitness and actual fat loss. 

There will always be at least two instructors so that no one will be left behind and all fitness levels will be catered for. 

We plan to run the first June Bootcamp session on Tuesday 7th June before work at 6am until 7am, and we are potentially looking to run a second Bootcamp session on Fridays before work 6am until 7am the best time of day to get your metabolism fired up the rest of the day! 

The Bootcamp sessions will take place outdoors in Bedford and run from an agreed registration point along The Embankment TBC. 

  • You will be able to buy a course of 6 sessions discounted to £40.00  (Online payment details will be sent for this option) 
  • Drop in to each session £8.00 
  • Drop in and bring someone new that week £5.00 each 

If you sign up for a course of 6 weeks you will receive a Bootcamp home training plan to follow alongside your course as well as a kick start 7 day detox plan which has given a number of our clients great results. 

Sound Interesting? 

Let us know if you want to sign up…it is gonna be fast, furious effective and fun! 


P.S. We have 2 new trainers on board  who can bring feel good fitness training and body shape change to you in your own private training session. Introductory offers for Personal Training packages with them right now! 

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