Just a quickie,

I am training Susan tonight and we will be getting quite deeply stuck into some core stability training. For alot of people this represents rolling around on a big ball whilst a very serious trainer stands aside and observes! Kinda right I suppose. Although I like to discuss how I used the wrong toilet at a wine tasting with my clients.

Your core is the centre of your body made up of large and small muscle groups in the front and back of your centre. Your buttocks, abdominals and lower back are all part of this core group but there are also a multitude or other smaller muscles that help keep you running freely, easily, injury free and more efficiently.

All the weird and wonderful stuff we get you guys doing on a ball, stability disc, foam roller and alike is all part of firing up your core muscle group. It is not mumbo jumbo…core training helped transform the golf game of Tiger Woods a few years back and the lack of core training is (so they say) one of the reasons Usain Bolt is coming apart at the athletic joints.

Cut and paste the link below into your browser. There are some nice little core exercise there that will help get you started on your core adventure.

Don`t ignore it, now is the time to do it…right at the beginning of your Marathon training.