Hello again,

Thought it was time to update you all on Susan and her marathon training progress. We are still in the first phase of Susan’s marathon training programme and so she is still running around 20 miles a week…in the next week or so this is about to change. When Susan and I first started training out goals were firmly around body shape change and minimal weight loss which resulted in us looking closely at her diet and increasing levels of activity and exercise. This naturally brought running into Susan’s training plans which then lead us the London Marathon. Susan had been counting Weight Watcher points as part of our original plan and then naturally continued to do so when we embarked upon the marathon plan….no a mistake but not necessary with the increase in weekly running mileage!

So, after Susan confessing to giving up points counting with gay abandon and a party for one with her biscuit tin..we discussed runners nutrition and shifted our focus to seeing food as a “fuel” as opposed to a controlled Weight Watchers hazardous substance! This is going well for Susan but listen up folks, generally speaking it is worth keeping half an eye on your weight when you train for a marathon as increases or decreases in weight mean that your balance may not be right and could affect your performance.

Susan has been trotting along nicely until the beginning of last week when a slight hamstring niggle developed. I have been on at Susan to report to me any change in how her body feels when she is training and in particular if there is any pain or discomfort. It arrived…Susans first running hamstring niggle! Usually nothing to worry about but worrying if you have never had an injury and are worried about falling at the first hurdle. Our training session on Thursday involved a good amount of questioning, prodding of the hamstring, instruction on dynamic stretches and the correct use of a foam roller. With her head held a little higher Susan trotted off to the sports masseur who stripped, ultra sounded and massaged her hamstring into a happier place. Here we are with a happy hamstring and back on track with Susan mentally and physically restored and ready for the next stage of her training


Don`t ignore niggles and new aches and pains when you train for a marathon as they are probably nothing but have great potential to become something if ignored.

Onwards and upwards Susan…