So portion control is an integral part of weight loss, are you eating too little, or too much?

Our evening meal is usually the biggest culprit and way off.

“But it is so complicated working it out, weighing, measuring, reading”….hmmn I think to myself.

Generally speaking we can use our fists balled or flat depending on what we are talking about as a guide to healthy weight loss (YES WEIGHT LOSS)  portions for your evening meal:

Your evening meal should look like this:

Carbohydrates: Bread, potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Noodles, Cereals = 1 fist

Lean Protein (no skin or fat): Fish, Poultry, Game, Other meat = 1-2 fists

Vegetables & Fruits: You know what these are right? = 3 fists    

Don`t skip meals, snack on fruit or sugar free low fat yoghurt and drink plenty of water.

You carry your hands around with you daily, you need no calculator, scales or diet club, just honesty, plenty of regular fun exercise and the desire to succeed.

You know what fun is for you and it is different for everyone. I have one client who takes a 40 minute power walk before work 5 days a week and has now lost 3 stone. This is what works for her and that is why she has suceeded…you need never set foot in a gym..just get the right advice from an experienced fitness professional.

Yes that is right…me!

Try it

Let me know how you get on..


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