Jane Fonda

I am back now from my jaunt Stateside and although I must admit to feeling  a little jetlagged I am ready to get started training my clients and myself again. I made a very deliberate point of taking a number of exercise classes whilst in Minneapolis all of which inspired, educated and worked me to varying levels. I was so curious to see how classes were promoted, structured and attended and honestly it seems as though the basic recipe for a great group exercise workout is the same as here in Old Blighty. 

We assume our exercises classes are planned and prepared by expert instructors and I think we can usually tell when they are not but this does not seem to be the most important aspect of our class…people go to the exercise classes because of the instructor!

It seems to be all about the instructors personality, delivery, humour, temperament and quite possibly as well.. appearance. I experienced first hand what all of my class participants experience each time they walk into a class with me, it was a pleasure for me to be told what to do, not have to really think about it and to trust that in an hours time I would have done my bit to stave off the effects of the super sized starter portion of onion rings I had had the night before! Oh and did I say I loved every minute of it?

There was a valuable lesson for me in taking these classes as  the class that gave me the best workout was the least well attended and not so much fun, the class that was perceived to be the hardest workout was by far the easiest with moderate attendance and the class that was the most well attended and the most fun and had the best all round “flow” only really gave me an average workout. There is it then folks, getting “the best workout” is totally personal and subjective and probably not the highest on peoples list of priorities when it comes down to what makes a good exercise class, how much fun they have probably is. This class was  fun and entertaining  with a knowledgeable, witty and clever instructor who knew how to drive people through the door and make sure they left happy…I know I did.

Enjoy this vintage Jane Fonda … Jane Fonda Clip  …do not try this at home