Halloween…hmmn. Sweeties and lots of them!

Most people are out and about nowadays trick or treating with or without their children which means goodies all around offering temptation in the form of little orange and black foil wrapped treats. Not an easy time for any one who is trying to lose a few pounds and shape up.

I personally know that our house is likely to be overflowing with buckets of lollies, chocolates, chews, toffees and marshmallows. Whilst I know that I`m not particularly a fan of sweeties I do also know that my hand is quite likely to stray in the direction of our trick or treat bowl on Saturday night.

Fear not I think it may well be possible to enjoy a little fun trick or treating or at a party without totally blowing all the hard work you have put in throughout the week. If you do eat a little over what you would normally remember one night won`t kill you… but the guilt might slowly beat you up over the rest of the weekend which could lead to a few ” the damage is already done” binges.

Here are some sweety options for you to be armed with so you can at least have  a bit of an idea what you are chomping on.


Some 100kcal sweeties

There are many candies and treats, when enjoyed in controlled amounts, provide only 100 calories. Mix and match them and spread your treats out over the evening. Here goes, 25 plain M&Ms or 10 peanut M&Ms. Other favorites you can enjoy to the tune of 22 pieces are Jelly Belly’s or Skittles. What about 15 regular jelly beans or 10 gummy bears that all clock in at 100 calories. A two finger Kit Kat is 99 calories. Five Werther’s original candies provide 100 calories. Two and a half mini Reese’s provides 100 calories also .

Treat your trick of treat sweeties as if it is your pudding and go for around 200 calories of treats then you won`t feel like you are totally missing out on the fun and more importantly like you haven`t sabotaged your healthy eating efforts in a few hours.

Happy Halloween folks…enjoy

Rachel Benton

Personal Training, Bedford UK

[email protected]


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